There you go Calvin - talking about time in the spiritual realm. The scripture I read said that Saul had gathered his army at Gilboa before the Endor trip. The Philistines had gathered their army in Shunem - and when Saul saw the Philistines host, he was afraid. They were ready to rock and roll when the witch was consulted. You may have an untheorized map from back then, so you may well be right it took more than a day for Saul to travel back and forth from Endor. But the prophecy was that Saul and his son would lose to the Philistines and die. If I had been Saul, I might want to try to bypass his predicted fate by waiting past the morrow. But then time is different in the spiritual realm. Personally, I think I have fallen into the typical trap here in this Forum - which is to separate out by twisting text so that the original point is lost . Because my original point was that there ARE some scriptures referring to ghosts. So then the rhetorical "you" can say - either the scripture translation is sketchy or in this case - that a "ghost" can't be demonic. Christ, in Glomung's example says - don't be afraid - I am not a ghost. He is not referring to anything demonic, is he? Unlike in the past, there is actually evidence that humans survive the death of their body - plain and simple.
This thread has already gone way off topic. I don't have time to edit it now, but it is not going to become sidetracked into an indictment of the KJV as a Masonic Bible.