The KJ Bible people were Masons. The KJV is also known as the Masonic Bible.

Where in the world did you come up with this???

What are your resources that prove such a claim????

A KJV Bible in a Masonic Lodge does not make it a Masonic Bible.

That would be like me calling you a car because you stand in your garage!!
Silk, did you check out the accuracy of the prophesy that was allegedly delivered by the late Samuel?

Did not the spirit say that tomorrow, Saul and his sons would be shishkabab?

It seems that the philistines who were camped at shunem at that time would have needed to be airlifted to mount gilboa to be there by the next day. Any prophesy from the Lord would be accurate. This one delivered through the ministry of the witch seems to be close, but not accurate. The spirit did say that Saul would be with him next day, but the question is, Would Saul's spirit go to the same place as Samuel's spirit?
I do not see that the witch of En-dor summoned the spirit of the prophet Samual, rather she called up an unclean spirit who impersonated Samuel.

Yes sir, that is what I have always understood.
There you go Calvin - talking about time in the spiritual realm. The scripture I read said that Saul had gathered his army at Gilboa before the Endor trip. The Philistines had gathered their army in Shunem - and when Saul saw the Philistines host, he was afraid. They were ready to rock and roll when the witch was consulted. You may have an untheorized map from back then, so you may well be right it took more than a day for Saul to travel back and forth from Endor. But the prophecy was that Saul and his son would lose to the Philistines and die. If I had been Saul, I might want to try to bypass his predicted fate by waiting past the morrow. But then time is different in the spiritual realm. Personally, I think I have fallen into the typical trap here in this Forum - which is to separate out by twisting text so that the original point is lost . Because my original point was that there ARE some scriptures referring to ghosts. So then the rhetorical "you" can say - either the scripture translation is sketchy or in this case - that a "ghost" can't be demonic. Christ, in Glomung's example says - don't be afraid - I am not a ghost. He is not referring to anything demonic, is he? Unlike in the past, there is actually evidence that humans survive the death of their body - plain and simple.
Masons now claim that they use different bible, but that has not always been true. Originally they used KJV.
So? How do you expect them to use any other at that time? The only one available in England was the Coverdale Bible and later the "Geneva Bible"'...I think studying this link may help folks see beyond this "hit and run" idea, JC:


An excerpt:

The Anglican Church’s King James Bible took decades to overcome the more popular Protestant Church’s Geneva Bible. One of the greatest ironies of history, is that many Protestant Christian churches today embrace the King James Bible exclusively as the “only” legitimate English language translation… yet it is not even a Protestant translation! It was printed to compete with the Protestant Geneva Bible, by authorities who throughout most of history were hostile to Protestants… and killed them. While many Protestants are quick to assign the full blame of persecution to the Roman Catholic Church, it should be noted that even after England broke from Roman Catholicism in the 1500’s, the Church of England (The Anglican Church) continued to persecute Protestants throughout the 1600’s. One famous example of this is John Bunyan, who while in prison for the crime of preaching the Gospel, wrote one of Christian history’s greatest books, Pilgrim’s Progress. Throughout the 1600’s, as the Puritans and the Pilgrims fled the religious persecution of England to cross the Atlantic and start a new free nation in America, they took with them their precious Geneva Bible, and rejected the King’s Bible. America was founded upon the Geneva Bible, not the King James Bible.
This thread has already gone way off topic. I don't have time to edit it now, but it is not going to become sidetracked into an indictment of the KJV as a Masonic Bible.
This thread has already gone way off topic. I don't have time to edit it now, but it is not going to become sidetracked into an indictment of the KJV as a Masonic Bible.
Thanks...I really think our new member needs to consider sticking to the OP....as much as possible. hahaha...Most of use flounder around a bit on that concept, me included.
Here's Josh's original points:

I am doing a message this weekend on Hell. the more I think about it the more disturbing it is -- everlasting torture? I am a Bible believing Christian. It just seems so harsh -- everlasting punishment for temporal crimes. What am I missing?