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I was referring to compiling that index- that looks like a full time job putting that together!

Thanks Brother Bo!!

Well, yes, it wasn't exactly a stroll in the park!! *hee!* And each time I write another IR or RH message I have to go in to the specific Index and add the code for that message, ensuring (read: "trying" *grin* to get it right!) Here's what each new entry looks like in HTML code:

span style="line-height:1.7em; font-style:normal; font-weight:700 font-
  <a target="_blank" style="text-decoration: none" href="
  <font size="3" color="#DB1970">#17 Putting <u>Practical</u> with the 
<u>Spiritual</u> - Part 10</font></a></span><br>

Of course I copy most of that each time, just changing the relevant bits, but the errors I make and have to figure out, then fix up, are myriad... (but I always say that 'it's all good fun!' *haha*)

And this task is actually very easy when compared to copying a current total of 216 messages across to our website! We have nearly all of them copied - which I find rather unbelievable... BUT (*there's always a "but" isn't there!!*) the 'EXTRA' tasks such as finding and changing URL links in them all, and numbers of other things like the code not transferring across properly and having to be minutely scrutinised and fixed up by hand - has all been, and still is a nightmare!!! But we're getting there!!

No one's yet seen the final result of the messages re-setup, looking different, and actually on our website, but I reckon it's going to be great - especially with the special Search Engine to find any and every word in ALL the messages! - i.e., want to read about "righteousness" just type it in the search-box, hit "Search" and voila there are the messages to click on and go to!!

I actually may be able to soon release just the Reaching Higher Messages to be viewed and searched - we'll see...

Bless you heaps, Bro!!

- BM
Aha! So that's where the Inner Room's Attic is! hee!
Thank you, Bondman, for working so hard on that. I know that it is going to be a great blessing to many people!
I trust it will be a blessing like you said, hon! (If not it won't be for want of a lot of time, effort and energy!! *nods convincingly!*)

I've done numbers of things in the past that were reasonably major that "didn't work"! My Beloved gets really upset when that happens - hates me working hard at considerable cost, but for no result. I understand and love her for that. But somehow or other I can mostly handle this - which is obviously the work of the Holy Spirit!! Occasionally I may get a little 'agro' when people seem to be 'uncaring'... *thanks the Lord for His forgiveness!*

But it's all GOOD!! God is on His Throne. Jesus my Master loves me soooo much. And the Holy Spirit's power to sort out sin in me is still working at FULL capacity!!! *does a little jig around the Study!*

(About the "attic", I thought that was still a secret!! *winks*)

- BM
WHAT'S TO COME (real soon, I hope)...

A number of weeks ago I promised to write the most important Message Series I've yet done, but my computer started playing up really badly, and stopped me in my tracks!!! I reported this to you, and without me even asking it's SO CLEAR that you PRAYED, and my PC has been a lot better ever since! I just LOVE the way God ANSWERS PRAYER, don't you!!

Meantime He took me away to OTHER Messages. But I've been trying to get back to this so important Series. Well, I've now written the first couple of them!!! But it's obvious that I need to write the whole Series before starting to post them. So I'm working really hard on the remaining ones right now, and will bring them to you as soon as I possibly can!

So meantime, tonight I'm putting up a Short Story I wrote awhile ago. It has a good and very important message that ALL Christian Believers need to hear. So I DO hope that you'll read it, but much more I hope it may be of help to you in how you relate to others!

Much love to you all!!

- BM

- by Bondman, March 2009

I'd never seen him before. He was about middle-aged, sitting in his wheelchair outside the Shopping Centre. It passed through my mind that he was possibly waiting for someone to come and pick him up.

More to pass the time than anything else, I said politely, "How are you?" using the regular greeting we use in my country - even though I'm now very aware that no one ever seems to expect, or even want you to give an accurate response.

He looked at me closely for just a moment as if trying to ascertain how he should answer. Finally he said quietly, "Pretty ill actually!"

I was really taken aback at not receiving the usually-expected, but throw-away response of: "Not bad," or "Good, thanks." I found myself struggling badly as to what to say next. He had a couple of items in a bag slung over the back of the wheelchair, so I presumed he'd been shopping in the Centre. Despite being in a chair, I realised that he really didn't look all that sick, thus making his reply all the more confusing to me. Finally I said, "I'm sorry to hear that!"

He looked at me again without speaking. I could feel his gaze on me, but surprisingly it didn't feel all that uncomfortable. Again in a soft voice: "Are you really?"

I'm quite certain my face reddened. Now I really was out of my comfort zone. My mind raced. I didn't know this man, had never seen him before. I was just trying to pass the time in a friendly manner, but now I was truly at a loss as to what to do or say next. Time passed, feeling like it was minutes rather than seconds. I needed to give him an answer!

"I... I really don't quite know what to say to that," I stammered.

"No problem," he answered immediately, "I shouldn't have put you on the spot like that. Sometimes I do get tired of being asked what is really a meaningless question and having to figure out how I'm supposed to respond. I am sorry," he finished.

It seemed like my brain was finally starting to catch up. "No, it's who me should be sorry," I countered.

I was wondering what was wrong with him, but realised that it didn't really matter. He said he was quite ill, and as a Christian who at least wanted to try and care about others, I couldn't help wondering why I was making such a dreadful hash of this. Was I really sorry? It seemed that this was the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I was in good health. He was not. Did I really, really care about his plight?

"May I please be honest with you?" I asked him.

"I'd love that," was his surprising response. Again I was thrown off-guard by this reply. Once more I struggled with what to say next, but finally decided to throw caution to the wind, and go in boots and all.

"I am a Christian, and Christians are supposed to care!" He appeareded to be nodding slightly. "But you've shown me how shallow I am, and not really caring at all!" I felt his gentle gaze on me, but it wasn't at all off-putting.

It was almost like he was trying to help me in my difficulties. "You're in a wheelchair," I continued, "so clearly you have a physical problem. What I'm wondering is what I should have said to you rather than the hackneyed, 'How are you?'"

I paused, and there was a silence between us. Cars were passing along the street in front of the Shopping Centre as normal, but I was somehow aware that this was probably one of a most important moments of my life! Finally I broke the silence: "Would you help me please?"

"How would you like me to help?"

"I'm not sure exactly. I'm shocked to discover the truth that I'm not truly caring about your situation, even though I'm just as aware that I should be."

"Is it because you're uncomfortable about me being in a wheelchair?" His voice was low and encouraging.

I considered that for a moment. "I suppose so. If you were normally healthy, I doubt I'd be having any problems conversing with you."

"Yes," was his simple reply.

"So because you're... well, different, I suppose..." I was trying hard to get this right, "I'm unsure what to do and what to say." I paused, my mind racing. "I think I might have got it," I said. "Because I'm not at all certain of myself - as to what to say or do, I mean... yes, that's it! Because of this, by far the easiest thing to do would be to, well, just leave! Leave you, leave this situation, just go!"

His face, I realised, was a really kindly one. His voice also. "I am a brother Christian," he told me, "and I feel your discomfort. Always it is so. Whether Christian or not, people do not know what to do with someone who is 'different', such as I am. The contradiction here is that the more someone needs help, consideration, concern, and love - then generally speaking the less that is forthcoming."

"You have just had a revelation from the Holy Spirit," he continued. "God is here with us, you and I, and by our apparent chance meeting you've discovered something that few, in fact very few, Christians know - that because they're so unsure what to say or do, subconsciously they feel such personal discomfort that they will just leave someone like me, quite alone. And the greatest tragedy of this is they they don't even realise that's what they've just done!"

I tried to absorb what he just said. "You have such keen insight to..."

"Not at all!" he broke in. "It's almost unbelievably simple. Christians love, are supposed to love. Jesus commanded us to love one another. But do we? Here's the question that can change your life from today on: 'Who do we most like to speak with, and be with, and do things with?'"

"I... I think I'd prefer you to tell me - if you don't mind, that is."

"All right then, the simple yet profound answer is: those who will love us back! We're supposed to freely give love, but instead we spend most of our Christian lives selfishly seeking love! Those who will give this the most, are the ones we most love being with. But those who truly need love and care, well, rather than giving this to us, they will actually shun us!"

"But that's dreadful!" I burst out. He was quiet. I feverishly tried to absorb what he'd just told me. Finally I spoke: "I am so utterly shocked! I think... I hope... this will be life-changing for me... Yes, I do believe it will!" I ended strongly. Then after a brief pause: "Do you know something? This may sound silly, but I truly wish that we could restart our meeting!"

His mouth broadened into a grin of greatest pleasure. "No need, my Brother. God has spoken to us both. That's what matters. I'm still ill. You're not. But things can never be the same again, can they!"

At that moment a car pulled up and a lady bustled out. In no time it seemed that my new friend was safely strapped into the car seat, the wheelchair was in the boot, and as they pulled away, a gentle hand raised in a love-greeting to me!

"No, they certainly cannot!" I breathed quietly.

Hi there!
I am home safe and sound. It has been a wild week with my x mother -in-law passing. The funeral was yesterday and it was beautiful! We were going to orignally have closed casket for viewing, but they did such a great job preparing her, the family decided to go ahead and have it open.

All the kids put mementos in with her. My youngest son, gave her his honor cords he just got at graduation from college, my oldest son gave his baseball that was signed by all the team members when he pitched his first winning game, my daughter gave her a mickey mouse cooking mit , her prom picture.. the other grandkids and great grandkids gave her stuff too.

The funeral service at the church was awesome. The pastor tied the homily in with the scriputures I had chosen for the family. It was a powerful message.

I am totally wiped now... I am taking a bit off time off for just me.

Hugs to you all
Time just for you is GOOD!!!

Sounds like a most beautiful funeral - how wonderful!! Bless the Lord for His goodness!

Rest up, sweetie!

- BM
God is not an author of confusion, but I need help

Hi there,
With all going on in my life, it has been a trying time. I once again am at a crossroad wondering where God wants me.

My lease was up May 1st.. was for a year. I have not signed a new one yet, every time I think about going and asking my landlord about the new one I stop. With the passing of my mother in law who my daughter lived with along with her dad, I pause to wonder if I am to go back to PA for her senior year.

I wonder about the lease being up, and wondering if God does not want me to move back.. I really do not think it would be to that small town, but possibly to the area where my parents live, my one son, and where my daughter may go to college in a year.

I know that God will show me only if I seek him whole heartedly in prayer. With all that has been going on I feel very wiped out. I feel very confused. I had many feelings of rejection to deal with this past week. I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I feel very overwhelmed and confused by it all. I just don't want to make the wrong choice. If I was to move, there would need to be a job, and the way the economy is , I am lucky to have the one I have. At the same time, I do not want to be on the run again. so much has happened in this past year since I moved here. I know in my heart God called me here to find a relationship with him.

At work I am having a hard time concentrating. I have to leave my personal stuff at the door and concentrate on work and that is challenging as well, some folks there get under my skin.

I cannot wait for my Baptism which is Sunday! I just cannot wait to go under that water and be resurrected with the Lord! I am hoping to have it videotaped so I can share it all with you. Please pray that I will take the time to sit, be quiet and be still and allow the Lord to continue to guide me.

I love all of you. Yes Bondman part of my inner personality is the struggle with all of this as well.
Have a God blessed week-end




Hi there,
With all going on in my life, it has been a trying time. I once again am at a crossroad wondering where God wants me.

- snip -

I know that God will show me only if I seek him whole heartedly in prayer. With all that has been going on I feel very wiped out. I feel very confused. I had many feelings of rejection to deal with this past week. I have a ton of stuff on my mind. I feel very overwhelmed and confused by it all. I just don't want to make the wrong choice. If I was to move, there would need to be a job, and the way the economy is , I am lucky to have the one I have. At the same time, I do not want to be on the run again. so much has happened in this past year since I moved here. I know in my heart God called me here to find a relationship with him.

- snip -

Please pray that I will take the time to sit, be quiet and be still and allow the Lord to continue to guide me.


Because what Faithwoman is going through is applicable to us all, and she graciously allows me to quote things from her life, I decided I should make this an IR Message. And it's Message #200!! Whoo-hoo!! When I started The Inner Room here I would NEVER have expected to reach a milestone like that (for the mathematically-minded, it's an average of about one message every 2 days - and that God gives me all that I need to enable me to do this with my rather dreadful state of health, well, this brings UTMOST GLORY TO HIS PRECIOUS and BEAUTIFUL NAME!!!)

1. There's a simple but great 'rule' regarding finding and knowing God's will: Until He's given you the guidance you're seeking, KEEP ON DOING EXACTLY WHAT YOU'RE DOING! And that means CONTINUING to do it whole-heartedly to the best of your ability.

2. In general, it's GOD'S RESPONSIBILITY to show you if He wants a change for your life - and to make the change clear! Yes, we have to pray and ask and seek, but if you're hassling yourself about it, then you're not letting Him be God in your life (which, I'm sure you'll agree, is rather serious!)

3. When we're tired, worn out, wiped out, this is about the worst possible time to be considering your future! Instead, all the questions and querying that are continually running through your mind, go to the Lord and lay them ALL down at His feet - and LEAVE them there!! Do all you need to do to recover from all that you've had to cope with these past days, and put yourself in God's mighty hands to REST and RELAX in Him.

Bless you as you SEEK His will - relaxedly!! And also all others who are seeking to know what He wants in YOUR life as well! REST and TRUST and WAIT, and it will happen!!

Much love!!

- BM, with his Beloved


Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! I love ya!

Yes you know you can use any aspect of my life and my happenings to help others.

Have a very blessed week-end! I got tons of stuff to do to get ready!
Service is at 6 Pm tomorrow night.. please be praying!

Thank you soooooooooooooooo much! I love ya

Yes you know you can use any aspect of my life and my happenings to help others.

Have a very blessed week-end! I got tons of stuff to do to get ready!

Service is at 6 Pm tomorrow night.. please be praying!



Praying, absolutely!! Am very excited about this great step you are taking.

I remember my baptism as a Believer. I'd disobeyed His call to me to be baptised for a number of years (there were reasons). It was a most wonderful time! And maybe because I'd finally said, "I am going to DO it," and did, many others were baptised in the weeks following.

You WILL be blessed for taking this important step!!!

- BM
Excellent advice you gave, Bondman, to Faithwoman about hearing from God.
Especially the one about dont make a decision while being mentally, emotionally and physically wiped out! How many times have we done that, to our dismay?

Wow! 200 messages! God is good!

This may be the final Special Prayer Request!! Whoo-hoo!!!

Please rejoice and give thanks to our God that Sis is definitely doing so much better! God has together helped us all to achieve a result for her much earlier than we could have expected. She's much more settled in herself and getting more settled in relating to the Lord.

LIFE SURE CAN BE TOUGH!! We never know what's coming up, do we? Sis sort of got 'trapped' and her life went down just about into the pits. I know that most of us have experienced this, but man I was HURTING for her when she was sort of struggling just to survive!

Thankyou so much from Sis and me for PRAYING!!

Love yez all!

- BM
Praise the Lord for Sis! Amen!

2 am here off to bed I go.. hmmm dunking is hours away..

and of course Bondman, you and the Mrs. are mentioned in my testimony.

I joined an online Christian Forum and had such awesome spiritual guidance from a man named Bondman and his wife Nettie from Australia. His messages taught me so much. Their love for me is very special. I am forever grateful for him not giving up on me!

OKey dokey.. off to bed I go..


Get Gertie ready for a front row seat at the Baptism.l
Oh, yeah, hon, we'll be there - with bells on!!!

This is a major Spiritual step that's part of our salvation walk. Very soon you'll be putting a great big smile on our Heavenly Dad's face!!


With ya all the way!

- BM and Mrs


I've done a webpage with at least a dozen pics on it - of our place and environs here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (didn't want to be taking up a pile of space here - hence putting the page on our website).

The reason: it was a VERY special day for me that I've been waiting for it feels like forever!

Y'see, I've been stuck here inside these 4 walls for soooo long. I actually do pretty well with this really, but man, sometimes it just gets too, too much, and feels like it's gonna send you stark raving crazy! But what can I do? - I cannot get outside!!

Well, with many thanks to the local Council and our State Government, finally I have, and you can join in the rejoicing for this if you wish!! The webpage is HERE.

- BM

EDIT: Beloved checked it out, said it was good, but then added, "You're mad, you know!!" ???? *chuckles madly!*
Most awesome! I loved the journey! I loved it ! I loved it!
Got 4 hours sleep last night.

This morning I am taking a young 9 year old girl to church that I met on the streets during street ministry. Today is her birthday! We had a "picnic" curbside yesterday to celebrate her birthday and my baptism.

I then walked her home to meet her family. Her mom was lying on a blown up bed in the living room. There were 2 playpens with 10 month old twins in them, her dad was holding a 5 day old baby sister and she has a 6 year old brother. Before we left, I asked if they needed prayer, the mother said not really, but the father said yes I could use some. So Bridget, my new friend , the father and me holding the baby got in a circle held hands then prayed. You could hear the father whispering under his breath.

I then asked if she had any special plans for her birthday. Only something in the afternoon, so I asked her if she would like to come to church with me and she said yes. I got her a little present and will be picking her up shortly.

God is good! 9 hours until the big moment! In the meantime, my family and friends are coming over this afternoon. My parents will be here, not sure if the kids will make it or not.

Bondman and Nettie,
I am forever so grateful for where you have helped lead me on my journey.
It has been a wonderful one.. many tearful times, many frustrating times of dying to self, which I continue to work on each day. I love all of you guys so much!

Oh, we love you too!! And trust me that helping you in your journey has been the greatest joy to me!!!

Already you have your REWARD in heaven, and are continuing to "build" it:

1 Corinthians 3:8 (Amplified Bible)

He who plants and he who waters are equal (one in aim, of the same importance and esteem), yet each shall receive his own reward (wages), according to his own labor.

God is in no man's debt for what we do for Him; but He IS the Rewarder of those who determine to live HIS way, FOR Him, bearing whatever cost it may take to do so. Your light shines brightly - may it continue and grow even brighter with the passing of the years!!

Every blessing for your big event!

- BM
Yay! Bondman got to get out! Awesome! Praise the Lord! ( and didnt he look happy?)

Ok, its 1:00 pm here, so it has to be later in New York....Faithwoman, where are you? We are waiting to hear from you about your day!:dance:
11:19 PM here...........

It was fabulous! Oh my goodness! How awesome it was!
My testimony was oh soooooooo beatutiful! God is good!

I will write more later and hopefully in a few days , have pics.

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