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I've looked into GFA before, so I know how worthy the cause is. But, watching those children who think they are so unworthy, really puts your own problems into perspective, doesn't it? :eek:

At least it doesn't look like the Islamic Muslims have gotten to them yet. Thank God for the missionaries who are obeying God and going to these people. And to think we could be a part of that movement. :eek: And it seems so easy. Thanx for sharing this with us, BM.
I've looked into GFA before, so I know how worthy the cause is. But, watching those children who think they are so unworthy, really puts your own problems into perspective, doesn't it? :eek:

At least it doesn't look like the Islamic Muslims have gotten to them yet. Thank God for the missionaries who are obeying God and going to these people. And to think we could be a part of that movement. :eek: And it seems so easy. Thanx for sharing this with us, BM.

Great post, hon!!

The Dalits thank you, I thank you, and the Lord thanks you!!


- BM
Reaching Higher #16


We Can Do It, We Can! - Part 9

... Continued from Part 8 "In As Much As You Did It Unto Them..." . Part 1 is here.

SweetSurrender commented how easy it is to be part of this CRUCIAL and AMAZING work! Thanks for the post, hon! IT IS EASY!!! As easy as falling off the proverbial log! *hee!*

Unless we are bankrupt, owe money all over, have no job and not a dime to our name, THEN WE CAN SERVE GOD BY GIVING FOOD TO HELP THE MILLIONS WHO HUNT IN RUBBISH TIPS TO KEEP THEMSELVES ALIVE! - thus GIVING THIS PRECIOUS FOOD TO JESUS (AND ensuring we're numbered among the SHEEP, NOT the goats!! (Click) Matthew 25:31-46.)


Missionary at His House, in the Village Where He is Ministering

And considering that all of this is possible for an average of just $1,800 a year to TOTALLY support a full-time missionary man or lady, FACT IS THAT EVERY ONE OF US CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE (in so many different ways, according to how God leads us) in the 10/40 Window!!!


Continued in Part 10, "Putting Practical with the Spiritual"...

- BM and Mrs

Hey everybody!

I'm glad to see that the IR is still going strong BM. :)

Wow, it's always lovely when an old friend drops in! - and especially you, hon!!

Yep, the IR is still goin' (and keeping me out of mischief, as they say! *hee!*)

Blessings to you and hubby!

- BM
Reaching Higher #17


Putting Practical with the Spiritual - Part 10

... Continued from Part 9 "We Can Do It, We Can!"


Seeing the last Message was: "We Can Do It, We Can!" - may I be bold enough to ask (shhh!), "Well, DID YOU?" (You know what "Put it off" means, don't you? - mostly: "Never get around to it!" *wry smile*) But do I really understand the difficulties of: Church Giving, Hubbies and Wives, Christian with unbeliever, Hubbies who wrongly think GOD put them in charge of the whole show, or even just the money? YES, I DO!!


So if you're in a situation of not having free access to money to give, what can you do? You can at least start praying to the Lord for help to change your attitude to riches, so that they don't come ahead of Him, i.e., start towards giving up Worldly Desires. Then you can start bearing more fruit in your life!! Matthew Ch 13:22 Now he who received seed among the thorns is he who hears the word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the word, and he becomes unfruitful. What a great Word from Jesus! And maybe you can still save a few bucks or more a month by going without - and simply give that to the Lord to use for others (we always give monthly - helps keep us on track!)

You may be able to 'negotiate' with hubby to allow you to give some money to those who ARE in need! Truthfully small or smallish amounts will hardly EVER make a sad difference to your financial state (you've probably noticed how we can suddenly "find" money for something we've decided we WANT!!! - BUT STRANGELY NOT FOR THE LORD OR OTHERS!!!) If you're a full Christian family, you can maybe co-opt your kids into the whole giving thing. So instead of Big Macs we give THAT money to some Dalits! With the right approach this can become AMAZINGLY wonderful for them, for you, AND for the needy!


American Christians possibly TITHE to your church more than any other country! You've been taught this for virtually centuries. But you neither have to tithe (this is NOT New Testament teaching - check this Message) NOR give it to your church. Rather: 2 Corinthians Ch 9:7 So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver. Become a cheerful giver!!! Give some money to your church, but remember earlier how I said that Western Churches give just a shocking 0.05% of their resources into the high needs in 10/40 Window!!! I'm absolutely CERTAIN that it's up to you and me to try and remedy that a little - helping just ONE at a time!

I hope some of those ideas may help for these important aspects of our Christian walk!

- BM and Mrs


I have to report that pretty good progress is being made - better than expected actually. Sis is feeling more encouraged that she will soon be able to be back with the Lord - and also knowing that He is with her.

But she may have to sort of start again with Him from the beginning, so certainly, that's not necessarily going to be easy for her!


Bless you all!!

- BM

Is having a deal of trouble with his health again! I'm having more bad days than I've had in quite awhile, some are really bad!

We're working with a new medication for me and getting it right (if it's going to be okay at all!) is proving very difficult. Mind you there's no certainty that the med is what's causing the hard time I'm having... *sigh*

I'm going to need to take it a bit easier for a spell. What I'll do is continue working on setting up Messages on our website - a lot easier than writing Messages, which of course is a quite demanding task (that I nonetheless LOVE!)

I've just finished the final setting up of the Search Engine - AT LAST!!! When the Messages are all done, it will allow you to search for, say, "righteousness" or "reward" in ALL Messages in "The Inner Room" AND "Reaching Higher"! I hope it will be a great tool for us all!

Thankyou so much for all your love and care and support!

- BM
Fluffy, what a BEAUTIFUL graphic!!

I'll add my Amen to that to ALL you lovely Mums here!

Have a wonderful and very special day!

- BM
Wow! That took a lot of work! Thank you my friends!!!:D

Hi my Brother!

Not totally sure what you're meaning... But if the recent Series in Reaching Higher, yes, it was quite a deal of work in total. But I love doing it, and basically can't help myself - cos I simply HAVE to share with others what I'm aware will be of eternal help and a massive blessing to them! I want EVERYONE to know!!! - and to take action!

I realise this means that shrinks would probably label me "a driven man", and they'd be right - but if I'm gonna be driven, then I consider it a pretty reasonable thing to be driven by!!

Wonderfully strong Sig you've got there, Bro! Love it!!

- BM and Mrs
God gives us Strength through Death

Hello all
Have not been around lately. My ex mother in law passed away this past Saturday morning.
I got a text from my son Fri nite asking me to pray for her as she was not good .. she had been in ICU for a week.

I grabbed a pair of sweats , tshirt and toothbrush and headed out on the 2 1/2 hour drive. When I arrived at hospital everyone else had gone home except my x husband. I sent him home around 11:30 pm to sleep and I stayed with her. They gave me a chair to sleep in. My oldest son showed up a midnite and we had great conversation. He left and my nephew 21 years old showed up at 1 Am.. He has 2 kids already.. life is a mess and such.. anyway he told he he had been searching for God.. well.. God moved.. I grabbed a bible.. we chatted and then we prayed together and he accepted the Lord right there in the ICU room with his gram!

He left at 3 am.. the nurse woke me at 5 and had me call the family..
Her blood pressure was dropping .. she was on a vent..We called all family in they got to say their goodbyes, Pastor came and had a service with us, we then stepped out and they removed all tubes and such. Family went back in and she passed 20 min later. All kids and grandkids were with her when she took her last breath. My sister in law had gone to work after saying her goodbyes as she could not handle being there.

We left hospital and the rest of the week-end was crazy. I ended up taking x and his dad to the funeral home. Family came to the house. All family went to church Sun morning! Sun I was back to the funeral home with clothes, did obitiuary and all so much more. I sure did learn alot what happens .. also the Pastor wanted family to pick out scriptures for service.. well none know the bible.. so you got it. I picked out scripture for the first lesson, second lesson and the Psalm.. the family did help out picking the hymns.

I finally came home on Sunday, the funeral is Wed. but my niece called me at 10:30 last nite saying she got her bible out and was reading it. She is divorced 3 boys and then a daughter to her live in boyfriend.

Again it was not me, it was Christ in me that enabled me to go down and do all of this. Plus I witnessed to a woman at the rest stop on the way down.. But I will be honest when coming home, man was I wiped and had a few whoa is me moments. So through this death, a young man came to the Lord, many of the family are seeking God now and I am sure there is more to come.

I encourage all folks to talk to their family members what their wishes are when they pass, what saving measures they want and what funeral arrangements they want. No one had a clue in this case.. It was moment by moment, but the Lord got us through.

Please keep this family in prayer especially my 3 kids.
Man, the Lord sure is giving it to you these days, sweetie!! He does that to those seriously committed to Him! Isn't it marvellous that when He gives us such things to do that He also supplies the wherewithal for it all so that we may make it through! Which is not to say that you can't come out the other end feeling a bit like you've been through a wringer!

Praise the Lord for all that He did, and the things He achieved because you were there and available to Him. There seems to be much Holy Spirit work going on in your family, which is so, so wonderful.

I thoroughly endorse what you said about ensuring that we do not pass on without doing proper planning to help those we leave behind! Amazing how many folks just don't think of this (or put it off, cos it's "not yet my time" or whatever). Any day can be our time!!

I do hope and pray that you can maybe put off or postpone a thing or two to give you time to get your breath back, for you've sure had a lot to cope with. Mind you God never sleeps, and so we do tend to be "on call" for His work...

Much love, hon!!

- BM and Mrs
Please pray for safe travels for me. I leave today, the funeral is tomorrow.

Please also pray that the Lord will guide me and lead me in regards to my daughter.

Love ya all
More work for you!! Keep in mind that this is somewhat like the whole of the Apostle Paul's life (prior to his imprisonment). God is able! (we are not...)

Praying, dear one!!!

- BM


HOW TO REALLY LEARN (as part of "LEARN and GROW!")


I don't believe you'd be here reading this unless you seriously want to be DOING BETTER and BETTER as a Christian Believer! In turn I wouldn't be here writing this if I didn't truly care whether you succeed at that or not! I DO CARE!! A LOT!!! So I spend a pile of time writing the very best "Inner Room" and "Reaching Higher" Messages that I can - specifically TO HELP YOU. I research, write, rewrite, pray, tidy (and fiddle!! *hehe!*) till they're as 'perfect' as I can make them!!


In the process I've LEARNT A VERY GREAT DEAL - maybe even more than you have!! My aim is ALWAYS to pass on to you all the truths from the Scriptures that I know and understand, as the Holy Spirit reveals them to me. I will often CHECK THEM against great teachers of the Bible from the past. And I do my very best to check them against the REMAINDER of HIS WORDa VERY IMPORTANT step if we are ever to be BALANCED and ACCURATE about the Scriptures, with a STRONG GRIP on the TRUTH that God is REALLY and TRULY aiming to TEACH TO US!!

Now do you know the RULE OF THE UNIVERSE about that? It really is a beauty!! It concerns things that you learn or hear - every IMPORTANT TRUTH THAT YOU REALLY WANT TO RETAIN forever:

If you GIVE IT AWAY, then you've GOT IT!
If you KEEP IT, then you've LOST IT!

Most times we read, hear, learn something, and that's it, right? We DON'T pass it on! That means we WILL lose it (and it will NEVER become real to us). Try HARD to find ways to share it!! If you simply cannot find a way to VERBALLY share and pass on the new truth, then the next best is to SPEAK it aloud to the Lord a number of times, PRAY it to Him - aloud (or whispered) of course! - and THANK Him for it!! (and next best after that is to write it down a number of times).

The things I'VE LEARNT that I mentioned above, I still have them, and they are in my life, why? - BECAUSE I GIVE THEM TO YOU!!! *happy face!*And thus I get to KEEP them, and LIVE them out! They are REAL - and I 'TEST' that they WORK before I EVER write them to you! I have a real problem with people preaching or teaching theory that they don't live out themselves. I speak what I know, and that's all I speak.

So if you've ever wondered why you've forgotten things, or somehow haven't really 'got' them, or discover they're NOT REAL TO YOU in your life - well now you know a possible reason WHY, AND what to DO ABOUT IT!!!!

- BM, with his Lady


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