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Gems #15



Getting things RIGHT in the Christian walk can be mighty difficult at times, can't it! We struggle and fail - and probably even SIN... AGAIN!! And you feel dreadfully GUILTY because you already REPENTED of that failure or sin!!

"Repent" means to CHANGE YOUR MIND - which you've probably ALREADY DONE!! That is, said, "Lord, I do NOT want to commit that sin any more." But if you DO (sin again, I mean), what then? YOU CONFESS AND REPENT AGAIN!! Truly!!

Like I've said, God not only knows, but He actually UNDERSTANDS your HEART, and provided you truly WANT to do better, He forgives over and over and over. Oh, and about "WANT" there, sometimes it comes down to the "D" word: DESPERATION, i.e., you won't stop the sin until the day arrives when DETERMINATION to please God OVERCOMES the desire to SIN!! That's DESPERATION (the "D" word), or what I mostly call "Your Desperation Quotient!"

Meantime, PLEASE DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT THIS!! Keep going - you can trust me that if you do, then the day will come when (with God helping you) "Your Desperation Quotient" will give you the Victory!!!


- BM, with his Lady


Walking with the Lord has taught me that He uses this (like all things) to bring us to just this place; a place where desperation to be free overpowers the habits and desires of that problem area. It is in just these desperate places that I have found much freedom and my God is always found in the midst of the fire.
Much love in Christ,
your brother Larry.
Walking with the Lord has taught me that He uses this (like all things) to bring us to just this place; a place where desperation to be free overpowers the habits and desires of that problem area. It is in just these desperate places that I have found much freedom and my God is always found in the midst of the fire.
Much love in Christ,
your brother Larry.

Wow, if I may be allowed to express it this way, that is spiritually HOT!!

"DESPERATION to be FREE" is an absolutely wonderful way to say it!! And I love "my God is always found in the midst of the fire". How true!!

Thankyou my brother!

- BM

FIRSTLY, I expect to be putting up more NOTICES in coming days, in line with the fact that I've already said that CHANGES are coming.

SECOND, this is to let everyone know that I will be progressively "disconnecting" LINKS connecting here to our website. This will be a big task, involving changes to each of the INDEX links on over 250 Messages here!! - then putting the Indexes themselves here, all up to date and working for you all!

This probably sounds pretty silly, but ultimately will SAVE me the work of keeping up with the setting up all of the Reaching Higher Messages and Gems Messages on our website, (which has involved hundreds of hours of work, but hardly anyone ever goes to them). Anyway, when I've done all this it will all be tidier and better HERE for everyone - which of course is ALWAYS my main aim!!

Love n blessings to you and yours!!!

- BM
Walking with the Lord has taught me that He uses this (like all things) to bring us to just this place; a place where desperation to be free overpowers the habits and desires of that problem area. It is in just these desperate places that I have found much freedom and my God is always found in the midst of the fire.
Much love in Christ,
your brother Larry.

Wow great post Bondman! Great post Larry! Yes that is what happened to me a place of desperation where I truly needed freedom. There are still some areas of my life I am working on for that complete freedom. As my girlfriend says one bucket at a time.

Speaking of buckets and desperation..and the desire to rid my life of stuff, I was forced to get busy in the basement as my dehumidifier automatic shut off did not work, hence the water in my basement.

I spent from 7:30 pm until 1:00 am last nite going through the "stuff'.
Got alot ready to go to the streets. So.. it is with ummm , umm well ummm that I share the mess of my physical stuff, as I have and continue to share how god is cleaning up the spirtiual mess I had.

So here ya go.. the pics.. I will post the finished product one when complete..dont' hold your breath.. lol!
You said don't hold your breath waiting for the basement cleanup. But I AM holding my breath, *phew!!!* so you'll just have to get to it before I expire! *har-de-har!* (And I don't think we should talk about your temperament type, hey!)

Alright I'll stop picking on you!! Thankyou for you comment on the last Message. And all of us still have 'garbage' in our lives. It's pretty-much a lifetime task - but to me what's GREAT and totally EXCITING is the PROGRESS you can see that you're making, exactly as you often comment! That's a strong, "Thankyou, Lord!!!" I reckon!


- BM

Maybe this will intrigue you like it does me!

Recent visitors to The Inner Room per day have been unusually low - in the 50's, 60's, 70's.

Then the day before yesterday saw an 89. Yesterday jumped to 183!! Nope, I don't get it either - but trust me I'm NOT knocking it!! *broadest smile you can imagine!*

- BM
Gems #16


Man, we don't much like that, do we? But what I'm REALLY talking about here is that "Jesus IS Lord!" Did you get told THAT when you got saved, OR just that Jesus is our Saviour? That's all I got!! No wonder if took me years to get anywhere much in my Christian life! But in time God organised for me to hear a taped sermon on "The Lordship of Christ". Whoo-hooo!!! He was Lord of my life SO FAST I'm sure it made God's head spin! *hee!*

And that's it, isn't it: Jesus HAS TO BE LORD OVER ALL OF OUR LIFE!!! Which means... what exactly? The words I love best of all go something like this: I'VE GIVEN CONTROL OF ALL OF MY LIFE TO THE LORD JESUS!! Because anything LESS than this means Jesus is simply NOT Lord of my life! And so to the Title of this Message: in giving over CONTROL of my total life to JESUS - I've freely ALLOWED MYSELF to BE and BECOME, "OUT OF CONTROL"!!

So have I LOST a lot, and LOST a lot of myself by doing this? NO WAY, HOSAY!!! I am more PERSONALLY FREE than I've ever been: free to be who I want to be and who He wants me to be! I LOVE being out of control!! I love JESUS being IN control!! As a bondman, a bond-slave to Jesus (that I've freely chosen to be - I 'pinched' this from Paul!) I live only to SERVE MY MASTER, at HIS pleasure: whatever it is that He wants!!! (There can be absolutely NO pride in being a bond-slave!) FACT: The more (of you) that you HOLD BACK, the more you LOSE OUT! Give JESUS full control of your life - you WON'T regret it!!

- Bondman (bond-slave to Jesus, for always)


Below is the new Reaching Higher Index that I've copied across from our website onto CFS - all entries with new links to the thread here.

It's Tues. arvo here in Oz, and I'm now currently working on changing over all the RH Message links to correctly point to the new index. Hopefully that should be done within a few hours ('all things being equal'!!)

- BM

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Give JESUS full control of your life - you WON'T regret it!!

Man that is the truth for sure.. but these darn blonde streaks in my head keep trying to get their little grubby mits on those darn control knobs!

Great post
Have a super day!
You haven't considered going brunette or even darker, I don't suppose... Just a thought.. *hehehe!!*

- BM

EDIT! Message coming about your post.
You haven't considered going brunette or even darker, I don't suppose... Just a thought.. *hehehe!!*

Your are funny.. hmm do not think it would really help because as we all know and have learned it really is my selfish fleshly part that does not want to give the whole control to our Lord.

So no matter what color hair I got, no matter what I look like on the outside, it is within in me where it all starts.

have a super day!
Y'know what hon, I think you just may be right about it being what's within us that's where it's at! *hehe!*

I know that giving ALL of yourself up to Jesus is not easy. This is often a "desperation" thing also (getting so desperate that you suddenly make the decision, I mean).

Thing is, what you lose in doing this, ends up as 'nothing' compared to all that you gain! Oh, yeah!!!

Tons of love. Always praying!

- BM

Reaching Higher #40


That Rotten Sin Nature of Ours!

... Faithwoman's comment HERE. To be very serious about this, our sin nature does NOT give up easily!! You'd think, wouldn't you, that once The Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit ALL came to be with us forever, and even to dwell (live) WITHIN us, that the OLD MAN (of sin - our old sinful nature) would HAVE TO QUIT!! Sadly no. Fact is that WE have to CONTINUE, over and over again, to make GODLY DECISIONS, i.e., decisions that are TOWARDS GOD (ones He wants) not INWARD-LOOKING DECISIONS TOWARDS US (what we want), DECISIONS that will strengthen and make stronger our NEW MAN who belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ!! THAT is what God wants us to do!!

There's an amazing passage in Romans Ch 6 (verses 1-11.) Verse 11 says for us to RECKON yourself to be DEAD TO SIN. The Greek word for "reckon" comes from the concept of reckoning up, or accounting something - like an amount of money. What Strong says about "reckon" is quite fascinating: it's a word that deals with REALITY!! (Yup, I DO like reality!) Thus, if I reckon up what my bank balance is, and it's exactly $250, then THAT'S A FACT - I HAVE $250!! No Questions, no arguments, IT'S TRUE!! - to say otherwise would be deceiving ourselves, as Strong states!

So... reckon and unquestionably CONSIDER yourself dead to sin - because in Christ you ARE!! Likewise, as v. 11, reckon and unquestionably CONSIDER yourself ALIVE TO GOD through Jesus (you are)! Get this working and it can mean LESS SIN and so MORE (wonderful) RIGHTEOUSNESS in our life!! (Check out more about Romans 6:1-11 in RH#6.)

Far better to be ALIVE than DEAD, hey!! - and being "ALIVE to God" kind of blows my brain!! While we're still DEAD in our sins, we're totally, completely, inextricably SEPARATED FROM GOD. But once we've made Jesus Lord and Master of our life, that completely impenetrable barrier between us and God IS UTTERLY DESTROYED!! God is suddenly there!! IN our life. OUR God. We're HIS kids! *Wow!* He's ALWAYS, as is ALWAYS, WITH US. We're never ever ever 'fighting' on alone - ever again!! Works for ME!!

- BM, with his Lady

I Like it Alot

Yeah, I like that last message a lot! Since my husband's daughter (37 and with a 3-yr old) have moved in with us, I've discovered my "reckoning" to be right on. It has been very amazing how I have been "recovering" from being called a "bitch" and laughed at, etc. by this poor, lost person. We took Sherri and Jessie with us to the wedding of our son this past weekend. It was hard!

It has been very difficult having someone move in with you at this time in our lives but, I never expected to be put through the ringer like I have been. Jessie is very undisciplined, and so we have had to put locks on all doors, cupboards, etc. to persuade him from getting into things and harming himself. I've been working on his leaving doors alone, and also obeying me when I say something. He has no self discipline. Mom and dad never corrected him. He rules their home. Sherri is amazed at how he obeys me and not her. I hope he sees a little "Light" in my life because I don't get angry or explode at him.

I could go on, but my point is that Father has given me a peace about all this and at times, Sherri has almost pushed the right button, but I've felt a check. It bothers her to all ends that she can't make me fight. There's a verse in the Bible somewhere I've read that says to confound them with your goodness, or God's goodness I think. It's totally amazing how God has kept me serene. Thanx for the word, BM. Oh, yes, and keep me in your prayers !!

Your story about you and your hubby's daughter and son warms my heart like I can't possibly manage to express!!! Fact is, as I see it, you've taken up a lot of New Testament truths - and I do mean A LOT!! - going through the struggles (and often confusions and uncertainties) that we all do in order to get these truths into our lives - but now you're sure reaping the reward of all of your hard work!! Wow, wow, wow!!!

I'm not quite certain if you're yet sure that you are FILLED WITH THE SPIRIT. From what you've related to us here, I can see no way you could possibly be managing to 'keep your cool' like you are WITHOUT you be filled with the Holy Spirit, and you truly walking in the Spirit according to the Scriptures!! Because whenever we see or hear of a situation that is, well, IMPOSSIBLE - then that is GOD at work, in or through someone by His Precious SPIRIT!!!

Paul, speaking about how easy it is to be really rotten to one another, says: Galatians Ch 5:16 I say then: Walk (live) in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.

"It's totally amazing how God has kept me serene." It certainly is!! But THAT'S the HOLY SPIRIT of our God!! And I'm working hard here and praying too that SO MANY MORE will be daily living in the joy of being FILLED WITH HIS SPIRIT, or are close to this happening.

Love to you all from the depths of my heart!!

- BM
Reaching Higher #41


Do We Listen to the Things We Want to Hear?


I've been in quite a number of different church denominations this past 70 years. Most didn't help me very much, but only ONE HARMED ME - well US actually, both Beloved and me!! It SHOCKS me how to think how we got caught, but it WAS because WE LISTENED to the THINGS WE WANTED TO HEAR!!! We were both VERY ILL and we were VERY SHORT OF MONEY. The TV Evangelist was PROMISNG us ANSWERS to what we called OUR TWIN PROBLEMS: HEALTH and MONEY (lack thereof!!!)

We got sucked in, didn't we! Here was a WELL-KNOWN and VERY POPULAR (supposed) CHRISTIAN PREACHER telling us we could be healed and also have a very fat wallet! In fact he was telling us over and over that GOD PROMISED THIS!! They were our serious NEEDS, so because we desperately WANTED to believe him, we did!! We followed his doctrine to the letter (I think that you'd all know his name and maybe some of you would think that he and his wife are really, really great!!) There were TWO results out of the other end of this: we were still just as SICK (he DIDN'T get us healed as promised) and ended up with even LESS MONEY!!(because we gave money to his ministry, didn't we!!) It's SO easy to get sucked in WHEN YOU'RE DESPERATE!!

I KNEW BETTER and should never have let us get caught!! But it ended up that there was an unexpected and wonderful THIRD result from this awful experience. Much of his doctrine, that of the large church grouping I often refer to, WAS WRONG, e.g., GOD CERTAINLY DOES HEAL, but He's SELDOM in the business of making us ALL RICH like he preaches (this was for him to GET money out of us - WORKED TOO!! Oh, but after a great fight with his organisation, I did succeed in making them give it all back to us...)

The THIRD RESULT of this was: a) I got really drastic and threw out ALL doctrine and practise I'd ever learnt - in order to start again b) asked the Holy Spirit to OPEN MY EYES, and to teach me ONLY HIS TRUTH from the Scriptures, which by His loving-kindness He's done c) read and studied HIS WORD AFRESH - and d) you guys get to hear ALL He showed me!!! I reckon that WAY MORE than makes up for all of the hardship we endured!!!

Much love from,

- BM and his Beloved

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